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Don't only be a website visitor, be our guest writer!

Are you curious about what we meant by the term "guest bloggers" or "guest writers"?  You are in the right place to get to know more about it.  The idea started when our team focused more on the blog content provided to our audiences. I wanted to give more useful information to people who show a little curiosity in diversophy®. It appeared to me that, our product was surely important for me to convince you for seeing their benefits, but it was not the whole reason. It was also important for me, for our team and for you to gain more benefits beyond our game sets.  And so, blogs were my first and foremost tool to consider.  I began to...

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Stop beating a dead horse - digesting paradigm shifts in intercultural thought & practice

This webinar will identify and discuss shifts in our understanding of cultural phenomena and dynamics and explore the demands these changes place on us as interculturalists1. The limits of dimensional thinking and current metaphors of culture.2. Culture as a flowing narrative and the stories that make it up.3. The problem of cultural identity and its consequences. Who/what are we.4. Holistic humanity – insights from neuroscience, cognitive psychology.5. The micro to macro (neural to galactic) shift from dyadic logic to reality as network.6. How artificial intelligence and virtual worlds get under your skin.7. How will we develop fresh tools to explore and connect identities?  More information and the registration link is here.    Dr. George F. Simons: Creator of diversophy® games...

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New month, New Horizons!

The beginning of this month has been a quite important mark for diversophy® team and our partner, JAMK University of Applied Sciences. As you might recall, on 3rd of October, the first 100 cards from our Migration & Acculturation (under development) deck have been officially launched.With this release, these 100 cards will belong to an officially available and accessible cultural card game (a Non-for-Profit product), with the logo: New Horizons – At Home Together in Finland.   New Horizons is a product, produced from the project with JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Even though the game content is a part of Migrant Acculturation deck presented on diversophy® website, New Horizons will be likely not replaced Migration & Acculturation. The reason behind this is...

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Wake me up when September ends

I have one confession. The news' title has been used as a subject in September newsletter, which diversophy® team sent out to our email subscribers earlier. I was searching on Google "themes of September" for inspirational ideas to write a good subject for this newsletter issue. Then, I came across this title. I was so satisfied that I have become rather obsessed with it, and I just had to use it again here.  Do you recognise what it is? Spoiler alert: it can also be a treat to your ears. Find your answers by clicking here.  To break a sad news to those of you who have not yet get into Autumn vibes, Summer is officially passed. For diversophy® team, August...

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Entrepreneurs Conquering The World, How To Build A Global Audience And Profit From It

Roughly a month ago, Dr. George Simons was interviewed by Carmen Ring for her video series—Entrepreneurs Conquering the World: How to Build a Global Audience and Profit from It.  In the video, the diversophy® Founder and Editor-in-Chief shared the full story of how he started this business. With his unique humour, George shared a bit about his family background as one of the reasons leading him to be involved in interculturality almost his whole life. George also talked about his work in the SIETAR Europa professional organization. Not the least of his contributions to this group has been the creation and management of a LinkedIN group, SIETAR Europa—Competence in Intercultural Professions with about 7000 followers. Via George's personal LinkedIN, you can...

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