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diversophy® in Madrid

George Simons, the Founder and Editor in Chief of diversophy®, the game of cultural competence, was invited as a key speaker to Madrid on the 23rd of January by the HR directors, through Nina Heindrichs, Regional Director of Southern Europe & North Africa, BBi Communication. George prepared and delivered a presentation about cultural diversity management in global and virtual teamwork, after which the participants were introduced to the diversophy game, and played for about 20 minutes, long enough to appreciate the dynamics of the game and its practicality using 30 cards from one of our best-selling game, Global Teamwork. The diversophy® Global Teamwork game, available in English, French and German, is available for sampling and purchase under the category of...

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It’s all in the game! Gamification in intercultural work

  On July 19, 2017 Dr. George F. Simons, creator of diversophy®, facilitated a workshop at the University of Osnabrück, on gamification in intercultural work, where participants played the Cultural Competence diversophy® game. Here are a few issues discussed:   Value of games in learning process Educational games engage the entire human brain. This is the main reason why learning by playing is more effective than traditional teaching. Given the many ways of learning, the average person learns faster and remembers the material longer if it has an emotional impact. Is important to get players to respond to educational challenges, interact with them, question them. Making players act as a team adds peer pressure in the right way. An additional...

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Gamification webinar

  Tuesday, 21st February 2017, 7PM Paris time, 6PM London time. Distinguishing games and simulations, we will discuss the growing popularity of gaming and its uses in the cultural discourse of today and the different kinds of games in popular use. Topics will include classification of types of games, how and why games can be effective tools for learning as well as community building. We will discuss factors involved in choosing, creating and adapting appropriate games for your learning objectives in intercultural training. The show includes insights into facilitation from set-up to debrief and how cultural differences may affect the conduct and results of game dynamics. Dr. George Simons is the creator of the award-winning diversophy® game series for developing...

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Migrant gamification projects

I am happy to note that variations on this Finnish project are also underway by colleagues in FR, DK, SK, IT, ES, PL, UK, and am happy to share connections, info and tools with others interested wherever.    

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Don't only be a website visitor, be our guest writer!

Are you curious about what we meant by the term "guest bloggers" or "guest writers"?  You are in the right place to get to know more about it.  The idea started when our team focused more on the blog content provided to our audiences. I wanted to give more useful information to people who show a little curiosity in diversophy®. It appeared to me that, our product was surely important for me to convince you for seeing their benefits, but it was not the whole reason. It was also important for me, for our team and for you to gain more benefits beyond our game sets.  And so, blogs were my first and foremost tool to consider.  I began to...

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