Join International Game Day in Joensuu, Finland, April 28th

Cooperation and getting to know cultures by playing.

Joensuun Pöytäpeliyhdistys, Diversophy® New Horizons and Kulttuuriosuuskunta Laituri will arrange International Game Day event in Kulttuurikahvila Laituri, the cultural centre, on Saturday 28.4.2018 at 11 - 17. The event is a part of International Tabletop Day when tabletop gaming events are kept around the world.

During the day the visitors have the possibility to play different board and card games which the organizers will provide. The topic of the games is cooperation; in these games the players act together in order to solve problems or to finish the game. You can also bring your own games. The event is open for everyone and has no admission fee.

The specialty of the event is New Horizons card game which apparently has not been previously played in Joensuu. Fath E. Mubeen, who is a member of the game developing team, will arrive to present and instruct the game. Mubeen has facilitated several gaming sessions in, for example, schools in Jyväskylä.

New Horizons game helps to understand cultures. The game includes cards with carefully chosen questions about the ways to act and communicate in different cultures. The questions raise discussion on cultural differences and similarities. In the Game Day event it is possible to play New Horizons in Finnish or in English.

Joensuun Pöytäpeliyhdistys (JPPY) is an association based in Joensuu, which aims to promote board, card and miniature game activities. In the International Game Day event the members of JPPY will share information on the association and the upcoming events.

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