Business magazine Magma about diversophy® Norway

We are delighted to announce that diversophy® Norway game by Agnes Bamford and Dimitris Polychronopoulos, is featured in the article Hvordan arbeide og kommunisere mer effektivt i norsk og internasjonal sammenheng (How to work and communicate more effectively in Norwegian and international context), in the June 2018 edition of Magma, the professional magazine for business leaders and economists in Norway. Magma, with 20 000 subscribers, is the magazine for the professional organization Econa, which consists people with the title 'Siviløkonom' or MSc in Business and Economics from Norway.

Empo in Bergen, which organizes a program of events for immigrants, loved the idea of diversophy® Norway and is happy to include it this program in autumn 2018. Congratulations Agnes and Dimitris!


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