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George Simons: Reflections, Friends, Lovers

Half a century ago, I started scribbling poetry more than half a century ago. I’m not sure it has improved, but this slim volume, more a brochure than a book, still on my library shelf will tell the tale. Up to. you to decide! George Simons   DOWNLOAD HERE    

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PIXILATION (2016-2019)

George Simons, Collected Writings 2016-2019 My writing online over the years has produced both kudos and debate, hopefully stimulating insight and mutual understanding. Below are five collections of prose, poetry, storytelling, discoveries, and observations of life that I have made in the years between 2016 and 2019. (2017 was a rather prolific year, earning it two volumes). I have entitled the series PIXILATION from my late teens, The “teens” label simply refers to the last teen years of the 21st Century, not may age. My personal teeny-bopper years ended with what the French generously count as soixante-dix-neuf (sixty nineteen in...

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