Multicultural Identities. Challenging the sense of belonging

The proceedings of the IX SIETAR Italia Conference 2017 “Multicultural Identities: challenging the sense of belonging” edited by Maura Di Mauro & Bettina Gehrke.

This book comes with a wealth of stimulating insights about how multiculturalism triggers changes in all areas of life, and how identities are in a permanent flux. The authors’ wide-ranging and varied analytical approaches come hand-in-hand with innovative ideas and practical advice for all those wishing to engage successfully with the challenges of multiculturalism.

Chapter one, The Name, Frame, Tame, Blame Game: Identity, a matter of vibrant life and violent death by George F. Simons, will assist you to explore the trajectory of your own identity, beginning with your name and what it has brought into your life both positively and negatively. It will show how the search for identity can be both a spiritual quest as well as a deadly game. It will explore how language and the social construction of our realities are constantly at work in shaping both individual and group identity discourse, and our social and inter-group perceptions. From the construction of our names to the games we play, our identity is planted, grows and shifts in our self-talk generated by the cultural narratives we participate in.


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     Maura Di Mauro, SIETAR Italia, President

She is an intercultural trainer, coach and consultant. She works with different kinds of organizations and industries, designing tailor-made management development programs. She is expert of Diversity & Inclusion process and tools, of competence assessment and development, and of social and sustainable innovation. She works in Italian, English and Spanish, in Italy and abroad. She is author of the book Organizzazioni e differenze. Pratiche, Strumenti e Strumenti Formativi. She is adjunct lecturer of Intercultural Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Piacenza.


      Bettina Gehrke, SIETAR Italia, The Advisory Board Member

She teaches Leadership to international Master students in Bocconi University and held faculty appointments in Wiesbaden, Muchen, Bergamo, Shanghai and St. Petersburg. As a professor of Bocconi School of Management (SDA Bocconi) she works mainly with multinational companies designing tailor-made management development programs to facilitate global collaboration. She is co-author of the book Global Leadership Practices: A Cross-Cultural Management Perspective.


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