Two Kinds of Cultures

In the reduced level of understanding created by diversity, a transcultural leader or manager must be able to shift back and forth from a mindset which says that communicating means saying something to someone else that will further a' relationship out of which appropriate actions will come, to a one which sees communicating as a collaborative effort between people to create meaning and action together. The first mindset is more representative of a higher context, or what we choose to call a "more tightly woven" (MTW) culture where the participants share a larger context of understanding whenever they speak to...

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Grow up & play! Games & Simulation in Intercultural Learning

George Simons & Katrin Volt                                                                                       ©2011, 2016 GSI We grow up learning at play the skills we need for life, both alone and with other children. Then at a certain point we “grow up” and “stop playing games.”  Both phrases are not only used by some to describe the passage to adulthood, but can become psychologically negative...

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