Practica: Working effectively with Global Teams - Customized Workshop

Program: Whether you are currently using, or planning to use a global team, this session offers project managers, managers, directors, and VPs, practical tools to successfully deliver projects and products. Material presented here will apply to many situations where a global team or outsourcing vendor is used – Software Development, IT services, Business Process Outsourcing, and Publishing, to name a few.

Impact: When working with global teams, you encounter several challenges. Some examples: how to understand the stated and real status of a project, how to handle excessive turnover, how to improve productivity. Multi-cultural environments combined with distance and time zone issues contribute to this situation. This workshop will provide practical tools and approaches you can readily use. We will use case studies and examples drawn from real world situations the instructors have encountered over 30 years of consulting with and managing global organizations.

We invite you to bring a global teamwork challenge you are encountering and work on it during the course of this workshop. You will benefit from experiences of the instructors as well as your peers.


  • Understanding real status of a project and how to address its issues
  • Handling turnover
  • Effectively on-boarding global staff
  • On-shore and Offshore Balance
  • Improving Offshore Productivity
  • Motivating global teams
  • Broader Issues – Strategies & relationships 
  • Work on your challenges
  • What’s next?


M.M (Sath) Sathyanarayan: Sath’s experience spans 30 years in Silicon Valley – Successful senior executive, Founder & CEO of a Silicon Valley startup, consultant and author with a proven track record of leveraging global talent for competitive advantage. Special expertise in optimizing international and outsourced operations to improve P & L. Experienced in evaluating complex situations, quickly determining overall strategy and facilitating execution. He is author of a book on offshoring, several white papers and articles and he is often invited as a speaker at industry conferences. He holds an M.S. in engineering from Virginia Tech and M.S. in Business from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. George Simons is an independent consultant based in France. Delivering Influence skills with a focus on intercultural communications, negotiation, leadership, and teamwork, both face-to-face and virtual, he was a pioneer developer of Management Centre Europe’s program for virtual team formation. He has done virtual coaching with UNHCR and PNP Paribas and has assisted in the creation of two medical research virtual teams. He worked on the formation of virtual purchasing teams in the electronics industry and served for over two years as an intercultural consultant to the team which developed the virtual teamwork component of a major petroleum company. Dr. Simons is the creator of Global Teamwork diversophy® training instrument and collaborated on an online interactive version of Cultural Detective®, a series in which he co-authored Cultural Detective: Global Teamwork.

CUSTOMIZATION: We will customize the workshop to meet your organization’s specific needs.

What next? Please drop me a line ( and one of us will get back to you to better understand your needs and put together a customized workshop to fit your timelines and budget.

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