Practica: I'm not a racist! You tell me your story, I'll tell you mine.

Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom, Unsplash photo by Toa Heftiba
This is a refocused remix of Joyner Lucas' "I'm Not Racist", which can be viewed below. Basically, this rap track highlights the issues revolving around interracial dating and the relationships of black men dating white women in this generation, which is a known issue. The creator would like the video to reach an audience and gain the attention it truly deserves, as this is a huge issue in the UK and in many other parts of the world. He would like to trigger debates and hopefully get answers as to whether it is seen right or wrong dating people outside of your race and at what point did it become socially acceptable to date people outside of races, etc., a discussion that would seemingly be beneficial for those experiencing insecurities and concerns towards interracial dating and families.The author appears to be the only rapper in the UK currently addressing on this topic.

Here is the original version more generically addressed racist denial in a US context.

The seemingly intractable nature of racial bias reaches deep into the everyday psyche. Telling each other our stories in order to be understood, make contact, and at least nibble away at the culturally ingrained biases we inevitably carry in our jeans, and perhaps in our genes, is at least one form of healing--something applicable not only to race, but to our other cultural divides. As many of you know, my colleagues and I have been collaborating with various groups around Europe to create versions of diversophy to bridge the gap between migrant newcomers and local community groups and members. See a sample of this work here. The trick lies in creating a safe environment for people to share their stories, whether through gamification or, in this case, rap music. We need to stretch our imagination to develop many more safe methods and contexts for this effort to make real, fully human contact beyond teaching and preaching.

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