Practica – Feedback Gift 1: Perception & Understanding


Tell the other person what you have seen or understand them to have said or done. 

"Understanding" here means what you were aware of and comprehended in the other's words or actions. It does not refer to compassion, emotional acceptance, or empathy, though these may be present. 

Ways to Share Your Understanding 

  • In a sentence or two it seems to me that you are saying/what you have accomplished is… 
  • Your key accomplishments/concepts seem to be… [list or quote them] 
  • I understand that… 
  • You did/conducted/made/found… [summarize what you understood to have happened]. 
  • This is my picture of what is taking place… 
  • When you did/said…here's what I heard/saw… 
  • What else are you saying/have you done? 
  • Would you add anything…?


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