Practica: Bring music out of hiding

Unsplash photo by Mohammad Metri –

What part does music play in the flow of our personal and cultural narratives? This question presses on me for reflection if not an answer since the beginning of this week when Paul Schafer, whom many of you may know from his books on culture, sent me a blog posting of musical reflection, complete with video inserts of music pivotal in his life. You can find and enjoy it here.

Most of us too easily forget music in our work and lives as interculturalists, despite it's being all around us in so many cultural contexts we inhabit or visit. What a shame! Today as we learn that big C culture and small c culture are wed in our beings, it is time to reflect on music's influence in shaping our individual and cultural narratives. Tomorrow, inspired and motivated by Paul's sharing, I will do my own reflection on the influence and sustenance furnished by music in my life as a man, as an interculturalist. I will share the songs of my life. It is a reflection I urge you to make, whether you would like to share it here or not.

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