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New Horizons migrant game

I’m delighted to announce that the better part of the year’s work has come to fruition with the completion of a starter pack New Horizons diversophy® game focused on the acculturation of migrants and the local community, which has now been released in a bilingual version, English and Finnish, and is available for anyone who wishes to see or use it at no cost. You can now download the game, the facilitator guide, and instructions for printing and use from this site.

Being a professional collaborator with the faculty and students at JAMK for myself and my business has brought a great sense of satisfaction. The project is not over, but just beginning, currently with countrywide distribution of this starter came in Finland. I have recently been training students as facilitators and my interns have worked hard in shaping the materials. Efforts continue to expand this offering to various levels of education and community services, dealing with more areas of life, from healthcare to sport, and whatever the initiative and energy of our students and their professors are able to focus on and generate to fit the mission.

This is also a public declaration that I am willing to collaborate for the creation of similar materials for your country, culture, or activity domain. Similar projects have started for France, Denmark, and the UK. We will be delighted as well to have volunteers who can contribute to the creation of tools to meet the contemporary challenges of migration.



 Our creative team at JAMK


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