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Feedback Gift 8: Creative Questions

Raise questions that clarify the content or direction of the recipient's performances. 

Though good questions are often more valuable than answers, humans are more prone to giving opinions and answers even when asking questions. In addition to what you learned in "Ask and Tell", here are more useful lines of questioning: 

How to Question Creatively 

  1. Ask questions that continue to unfold the story, ideas, and possibilities in the recipient's performance. 
  • And then what…? And then what…? 
  • Do you have other ideas about that? 
  1. Ask questions that reveal the logic, time sequence, order, availability of resources, etc., in plans and projects. 
  • Which would you do first… or next or…? 
  • How do you think you can accomplish that…? 
  • What resources/help can you identify/count on for that…? 
  1. Ask questions that highlight the kind of commitment that the recipient is making. 
  • Are you asserting…? (Declaring/proposing/promising/requesting, etc., restate what you believe they are saying.) 
  • How does that fit with what your commitment to … or, with what you said before about…? 

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