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Feedback Gift 6: Experience

Tell about your experience with activities or work similar to the recipient's.

This is a gift of storytelling. Tell what you (or others) did and what happened as a result of being in similar projects, activities, or circumstances.

To avoid moralizing: 

  • Label what you say as simply your experiences. Tell it as factually as possible, separating specifics and details from your interpretation and judgement.
  • Invite the recipient to construct their own questions and draw their own conclusions.
  • Invite them to interview you and ask their own questions about your story.
  • Tell third-party experiences only as an invitation to investigate for one's self. Anything else is gossip.

Ways to Introduce Telling Your Experiences

  • "Let me tell you what happened to me when I did/said THAT (or was in the situation), and see what you think…"
  • "I have some insights/conclusions/assessments about… Would you like to hear how I came to them?"
  • "This is what happened to… You could probably get more and better information from him/her."

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