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Feedback Gift 10:  Acknowledgement


Recognize what each of you has contributed during and after the feedback. 

  • Acknowledgement adds appreciation to the other gifts of feedback. It may be given publicly or privately, individually or in a group, depending on the culture. 
  • Acknowledge the contribution or creativity of the person to whom we are giving feedback. 
  • Acknowledge those who have given us feedback. 
  • Acknowledge those who are the source of our ideas, or who have helped us develop them, or assisted in the creation of a project or product. 
  • Use the other person's name or address the group directly with "you". Here are some ways to start an acknowledgement: 
  • Thank you, [name(s)/ group], for… 
  • [Name(s)/group], I appreciate/am grateful for your … 
  • [Name(s)/group], You have helped me /us by … 

Be factual, and tell the history of what the group or individual has done. 

Be specific. Acknowledgement is only as effective as it is specific. "I got some ideas from (you) Terry" is not as effective, "I am particularly grateful to (you) Terry for the information on how to synchronize the visual with the audio." 


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