Practica: 66 ways we may differ

Diversity is the spice of life! This exercise is one that I use at the outset of a program for people who are going to study or work together. I invite them to form partners or triads with new colleagues who seems very different from themselves and travel the road of curiosity together for a week or two, learning about each other’s lives and the cultures that shape them. I provide the 66 questions on this handout as a cheat sheet in case they feel shy or tongue-tied. 

I encourage my participants to not just give answers to the questions, but to tell any stories they have that underlie why their answers are as they are. Even when there seems no difference on a certain topic, telling stories may reveal quite different understandings of the topic under discussion. I urge them, after the manner of TV detective Lieutenant Columbo, to ask, "Just one more thing...", to ask the kind of follow-up questions that both express interest and take the conversation beyond the obvious.

PS: you can also have the handout in Polish.



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