Politica: Unwronging

Forgiving or unwronging? Making amends? How do we patch things up? Regrets which to me mean "unfinished business" occasionally pop up in our conscience asking us to sort them out and if necessary manage them. This is an area of cultural behavior that is rarely dealt with. I would like to hear more. For starters, here are what I feel to be the steps in apology when one has decided that one is due. No doubt reflects my culture, so I would like to hear others.

Proper apologies should have as many of the following elements as possible:

  1. Admit responsibility.
  2. Explain why what you did was wrong.
  3. Demonstrate that you understand the impact on the person you harmed.
  4. Detail how you will attempt to fix what you did wrong if this is needed and possible.
  5. Ask if there's anything else you can do. (Never ask for forgiveness. That's their business.)

Here is an interesting forgiveness story: https://medium.com/@amyselwyn/how-to-tell-a-forgiveness-story-da4a0a8432a3 


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