Politica: This is the USA... What does your national story say about migrants?

My 1st, 2nd, & 3rd generation USA immigrant family 1936 – Polacks, Krauts, Wops, Micks, Kikes, Bohunks, Spics, etc.

There is a lot we would like to forget, not own up to in the fabrication of our national and patriotic identity story. But memories and memoirs are rife with hurts that house historians would like to deny, though the attitudes that created them and our reactions to them still lurk in the national DNA and surface in unconscious and conscious bias on a daily basis. Owning up to our sad side is a first step in creating the determination to spell out a different, better story for the future. What has your national story forgotten or what is it trying to forget? Refresh your memory!


Debunking The Myths Americans Believe About Immigration — And Themselves

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