Politica – The way things are – a bolt out of the blue

The US election has been an eye-opener, in many ways, to much of what’s going on in the world that we haven’t wanted to see or talk about. For starters, the choice of Donald Trump was a major disclosure of the way a lot of things really are in the USA, and this has created enormous amounts of insecurity and fear, not only in the homes and on the streets of the USA, but worldwide. 

Certain truths have been unveiled that we have been trying to hide for a long, long time with a veneer of optimism and positive thinking and a culture of quick fixes. I suspect this new national tilt it brings to the foreground the reasons why efforts at intercultural understanding have been so meagre and diversity and inclusion initiatives have produced far smaller results than we felt we had a right to expect.

It’s too easy to see Donald Trump as the villain. Saying that, I am not exonerating him from his words or behavior, but rather just pointing out that he has been the “lightning rod” around which a perfect storm has long been gathering, while we have been occupied with the illusion of “business as usual”. In the lightening flashes we see what has lain in the dark. The enormities that are have been happening in the world are now clearer and clearly everybody’s business and many of us are fumbling around to find a direction in which to go. In our disappointment with what our efforts so far have produced, the temptation is to talk about what we are against and whom to blame, more than creating what we are for.



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