Politica: Dolls without Frontiers

Dolls without Frontiers is a collection of 20 illustrated multicultural children’s books written and being published by Jan-Henrik Johansson.

Being an elder male interculturalist without family in tow, I'm sometimes asked to deliver pre- or post-departure trainings for ex-pats on the move. At those moments, I find that most of everyday life and work and communication issues are relatively easy to address, but, but I need help is in the preparation of the youngsters and teens, who are about to be dislocated to a very different environment. Usually solve this by finding someone better grounded in these areas of upbringing and schooling and parenting for both the parents and the children.

On the other hand, as we all know, telling people what to expect and how to navigate in a new environment works a lot better when there are resources both to remind them and to deepen their perception of difference. Here, for the youngsters, Jan-Henrik Johansson has provided us with a small treasure of children's reads that appreciate difference, and address the challenges of dislocation.

But most fascinated me about the author's work is that it's authenticity has been based on and rooted in interviews that he conducted with migrants and people on the move, often in situations where children abound and adequate care for them is in short supply.

Though I'm addressing this work from an intercultural training perspective, it's most obvious that parents and the teachers are those who can most benefit from these resources. I would love to hear about more interesting resources about daily life that would benefit youngsters and teens.

Have a look.


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