Politica: Cultural (mis)appropriation or synergy?

Jellabiya, worn in the souk & in front of the computer

Bought a jellabiya in Egypt 30 years ago and still wear it daily at home, spring to fall. Beats heck out of my old peignoir. I also have baba ganoush for breakfast on my French baguette tradition here and put granny apple chunks in my ajo blanco. (You can find MY recipe in the SIETAR Europa cookbook.) Mixity beats fixity. It is the good life!!! If someday I am sentenced to death for cultural (mis)appropriation, I would request my last meal be Singaporean laksa lemak accompanied by Belgian raspberry lambic beer.

Let's look for the goodies that our diversity brings and enjoy them together, synergies in every walk of life. But, don't have the illusion that diversity's just the intrusion or profusion of fusion cooking! Come out of cultural seclusion and form a collusion of inclusion! Throw off the yokes, folks! Don't choke on the pokes and jokes of myopic blokes. Share the sorrows as well as the borrows. Be with everybody you can be! Be everybody you can be!

Men, here are 18 of the top reasons you should be wearing a Jellabiya (الجلابية):*

1. Cool when hot

2. Warm when cool

3. Blocks the harsh sun rays

4. Substitutes as a sleeping bag or sheet

5. Sways back and forth when you walk

6. Convenient and easy to wear

7. Don’t need to decide what pants to wear with what shirt

8. Don’t need to decide to wear pants or shorts

9. Easily slip out of the entire gown when you need to swim

10. Upstream breeze between the legs

11. You can hide things underneath it

12. Makes playing football challenging and fun

13. Can be used as a block for privacy

14. Can be used as a napkin

15. You can afford to finish the buffet!

16. There is space for growth (after meals or in life)

17. The ultimate garment for relaxation

18. You will get some awesome looks and grins


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