Poetica: Santa María de Los Angeles de la Immaculada Concepción

Its canyons ablaze,

surrounded by hellfire,

City of Angels.


Culture’s Sin City?

Holyrood or Hollywood?

The Final Judgement?


Disney innocent

of child molestation, 

global seduction?


Watching news stirs up

my deluge of memories– 

they can’t drown the flames.


A shifty terrain.

Here earthquakes rattled my walls,

unsteadied my bike.


L.A. shakes me, too–

how does La Brea fossil

both virtue and vice?


Augustine’s mother

hugged me, Santa Monica,

her home my license.


But saints are at war!

San Andreas is at fault,

Santa Ana whips the coast.


It’s almost Christmas, 

time for El Niño’s birthing,

His crib not pacific.


Nest of humanness, 

I wish I could send you more

than words in rescue.


Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVN9ublFOoc

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