Poetica: Random haiku of an intercultural vagrant

As the sun comes and goes,
horizon to horizon,
I, too, come and go!
Yesterday Finland.
Italy tomorrow morn,
London in two weeks.
For some sunshine days,
the charm, pizza of Naples,
then stiff upper lip.
Leaving Finland now,
bright sunshine and longer days
beautiful students.
A touch of the grippe
kept me flat when not afoot.
Missed writing to you.
Now for a few days
holiday in Italy
stomach permitting.
Today the sun shines,
but I am heading for rain,
the heartland of France.
Off to Burgundy
the work is hard, the day long,
but the wine consoles.
Working for Alstom
Training to Paris.
Pack my bags, get set to go
training in Paris.
Teach the train people
how to talk to each other
as they make the trains.
Ten days on the road,
back to northern rain and snow,
while sun peeks out here.
Yet the big city
is escape from too much home.
I'm happy to go!
The eagle landed
after bouncing through the sky.
Cruelest turbulence.
Yes, good time it was.
Perhaps its full excellence
we shall know later.
Rough flight, home at last!
Now to wait for Santa Claus,
or take up his role!

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