Poetica: Hyperchoosing – try anything twice*

Why have favorites?

They make me feel so at home.

Tried, tested, and true.


Let me go abroad,

where the menu is complex.

Choices must be made.


Do I pick challenge,

the flavors that I least know,

learn new friend or foe? 

What do I combine?

Do the waiter's eyebrows rise

at my mixity? 


Hanging on my choice,

surprise can walk down two roads –

heavenward, hell-bent.


I cannot simmer

in limbo undecided,

the chef fidgeting.


What would father do?

Choose the unpronounceable!

And, do it again!


*These haiku honor my father who repeatedly insisted, "Try anything twice–the first time might have been a fluke."
I believe I owe my intercultural bent to his irrepressible curiosity.

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