Poetica: Feliz Navidad, Yeshua bar Joseph

Happy birthday, Yeshua!

though it took three hundred years

to make it your day.


Wandering preacher,

you replaced the Roman feasts,

Jew on center stage.


And even right now

calendars do not agree

on when to party.


How did you become

many things to so many?



Killed for speaking out,

not allowed to sleep in death,

your spirit traveled.


Good news and fake news,

reason to love and to hate,

your name a password.


You inspire the best

in so many hearts and hands:

peace, care, support.


Killers cry your name,

"Deus volt!", "Christus vincit!",

to excuse their blame.


You sought to spread light,

beatitudes, happiness,

candles on your cake.


Given all your past,

distorted identities,

birthdays must be hard.


Nonetheless, we wish
the best of you to live on.

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