Poetica –
Cave canem! AI is an ersatz schnauzer*


Is your wet lick a kiss of love?

You come when I don’t call you.

Jump into my lap when I’m trying to read.

You plant yourself where I stumble over you.

You sniff me in all the wrong places.

You want to be stroked when I am busy at something else.

You gobble my dinner scraps and beg for more.

Regurgitate morsels on my clean carpet.


Leash in mouth you insist on taking me for a walk,

tug me from this well-known hydrant to that familiar tree.

Who’s being domesticated, you or me? 

Who’s whose pet?

You hound me when I want to be alone, tell me I’m not lonely.

Perhaps I need a bona fide mutt, 

more pastimes with flesh and blood friends...


*Dedicated to those internet engines, pet parasites that try to sell me what I've already bought, that propose to read my desires and reinforce them.


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