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January 12th, 2018, Friday, at 18.00 – 19.00 (CET)
“What rhymes with time? Party with me (I’m 80 today) for terse verse & talk about the nature, nurture & DNA of the interculturalist.”

Let’s do some musing, serious & amusing, about intercultural work, what it’s choosing, fusing & losing, oft rife with strife. I’ll dare to share with care lessons learned & fingers burned, tempest tossed & turned. I’ll chew on where I blew it & rue it, let you hear, fear & maybe cheer a pale male tale of a boy’s joys, ploys & training toys. OK, so I’m a logophiliac & there’s friction in my diction, but I promise plain talk about where we’ve been, what we’ve seen & where we’re going as interculturalists, our bumbling, rumbling trip, rough & tumbling, tough & humbling. What action can give us more than a fraction of traction in a world of faction & reaction? Welcome, anybody who cares & dares to bite the intercultural apple & grapple with its present as well as sneak a peek at its future

Dr. George Simons, 80 years old on Jan. 12, lives in France – this puts him back in his 20’s quatre-vingts! Creator of diversophy®, consultant, trainer, & SIETAR stalwart for over 30 years, he edits the SEU LinkedIn group where he regularly posts salient theory, shares practical training tips & activities, opinions & rants, iconic images & poetic reflections. See his work & join his blog online.



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Image: Remembering mentors and friends

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