Pedagogica: See big C & little c at sea!

PowerPoint collage of tangible, audible, visible, sensible, tastable culture

Distinguishing big C vs. little c used to be a binary distinction between culture as beliefs, behaviors, and values in contrast with Culture, as seen in art, artifacts, literature, etc. No more. We now see how essentialist the abstract these two labels were and are increasingly aware of cognitive integrity that neuroscience is opening our eyes to. Culture is its expressions, its performance. It lives in us and around us and by us.

Paul Schafer has spent the better part of a lifetime supporting the arts and defending their centrality in our self-comprehension as cultural beings. In this attached article, "The Case for Culture, Past, Present and Future", you will find an excellent overview of how culture has been viewed over time, how it has weathered commodification and resists fitting into limited master narratives that we too easily accept without scrutiny. He traces the development of our views of culture from the classical perspective of arts as "ends in themselves" to the contemporary role of culture as "the fourth pillar of sustainable development".

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