Pedagogica: Resistance is a bowl of cherries

Sure, whatever the tough times we may be experiencing in life, we can console ourselves with the maxim that "Life is just a bowl of cherries,"* to chase away the devil of the day and free ourselves for fresh perspective on problem solving. I like to paraphrase this wisdom in the class or training room as, "Resistance is a bowl of cherries." Why? Resistance is pent up energy – if you can release it you will free the learners to taste new experiences.

The difficult people in the class or training room are often your best friends. They ask the difficult and interesting questions, they serve as thermometers to the temperature of others who don’t speak up—they say what others may be feeling or thinking. Instead of chiding, you can often ride the asides, even the snide comments and stage whispers that they make to the person next to them to valuable learning destinations. What they say or how they react may typify the problem or challenge you are struggling with. The objectors, when sounded out, listened to, are often be won over so that they will contribute richly and bring others along.

If things go too easily in the room, it may be a sign that you are preaching to a choir, who may find you ho-hum, until a discordant soloist makes everyone aware of what's (not) going on. 

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