Pedagogica – Laughter, “Ain’t it true!?”

One of the reasons we laugh comes from recognition of someone, something, some behavior that confirms or contradicts our inner talk in a surprising way. This is partly catharsis, especially if we have some unconscious idea or latent feeling that is suddenly revealed or confronted by what we see or hear.

Nightclub comedians and Comedy Central performers, in their acts, often subsist on mediating cultural discourse and giving us freedom from political correctness to laugh and guffaw and even opine in a safe environment. Do you recognize this kind of release in yourself? What do you tell yourself about it? Do you seek or avoid it?

I have linked the Anita Renfroe "Mom Song" video below as an example of a piece that causes recognition laughter. I have played it for people from quite a few different cultures and almost always find that motherly expression, though not in the same words or on the same topics as in the video, finds a resonance in the mindchatter of the listeners. This is likely to lead to an interesting cross-cultural discussion about how mothers tend to mind their children in each other's’ cultures, how a role is constructed by its discourse. Can you do such a parody on the discourse that belongs other cultural roles or identities that you and others own or commonly experience? Does this lead to social deconstruction of socially constructed realities?

Momisms (The Mom Song) with lyrics, by Anita Renfroe



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