Pedagogica: Genes slip into everyday speech

For the first time, I heard a woman today speaking about her sons and expressing her desire to give them "experiences that would live on in their DNA." My jaw dropped and my ears popped as they caught the drift of culture shift in the making. As a newscasts were full of Macron and Trump pressing the flesh, it was this mother's simple mention which seized my full attention – social construction showing its face, taking place at a pace unimagined. Cognitive integrity, neuroscience's perception of holistic human nature, replacing our centuries of dualism, pops up in everyday conversation. The handing on of culture and experience as genetic endowment seems now a fait accompli.

Should we stand up and cheer or cower in fear as we approach the moment when someone, whose values we do not back, may finally hack our identity storehouse? We once wondered how a deity could be omniscient, given all that's going on in the world. But now technology has already unfurled our everyday manners and put all their colors on display for devising advertising. How soon will this omnipresent proctoring turn to chromosomal doctoring? Will it fix us or nix us? Shall human landscapes be rezoned as we are cloned with memories loaned? Or, will future historical algorithms record that "natural" was just a passing human phase? Sporting for a few days in the evolutionary maze, will we be but short-lived peons, brief minutes lost in the eons?

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