Pedagogica: Games help us both tell our stories & create them



This past week I had a delightful chat about gamification and storytelling with Lakshya Datta, who is the founder and CEO of Launchora, a community of storytellers. Lakshya's aim is to give young people a platform for their creativity – a community that is positive, inclusive, nonjudgmental, supportive, and collaborative. My main point in the interview is that gaming can be a safe space to both share our stories and create new ones.

A case in point. As many of you know we are well into our third year of creating pro bono diversophy® games which bring together local residents and newcomer migrants to learn about each other and share the stories which shape their culture and their values and enrich their customs and behaviors. In the process, sharing and listening are at work in creating meaningful contact, mutual appreciation and human community, in other words, creating a new story together. Such games have been completed for Finland and France, and others are under construction for numerous other countries.

You can hear my interview with Lakshya at You too can develop and exercise your skills at story telling by joining others who are interested and active in the process on Lakshya's site,

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