Pedagogica: Cultural-linguistic colonization?

Perhaps some of you have noticed that Microsoft’s latest in-application spelling and grammar corrections seem to be adopting a philosophy of hyper-simplification. On one hand, this may clarify some meanings and may increase the clarity of some texts and contribute to a global English, particularly for second language speakers. On the other hand, I find that it frequently destroys the nuances that I wish to convey, even when my text is relatively simple. I'm not quite sure how to take this.

Considering myself a decently talented writer in my native tongue, I tend to find up to half of these suggested corrections either miss the meaning or at least reduce the impact of what I am trying to say. I regularly check my functional and commercial writing, which is intended for an international public, with the Fog index, so this makes me concerned about what is at foot here in these new spelling/grammar algorithms. I quite accept the fact that, when I am trying to compose poetry or enjoying the fun of purple patch, that I would trigger verbal discomfort on the part of these hidden apps. However, it is in everyday communication that this verbal scrupulosity gives me indigestion.

I would be interested in knowing if others are experiencing this, not only in English, but in other native tongues.

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