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Feedback Gift 5: Possibilities

Share ideas and suggestions you have for the other's work or performance 

Tell them about suggestions, possibilities, and alternatives—anything that would contribute to their performance, task, problem, or communication. In what other way can it be done or said? What else could be done with what they have created? Offer the results of your own brainstorming and get the other person to brainstorm possibilities, opportunities, and alternatives with you. Point to new objectives that have shown up as a result of what the person has done. 

Label this feedback clearly so that the other person knows you are offering possibilities, not insisting on them. 

Ways to Open Possibilities 

  • When I heard what you said/were doing, the idea struck me that … Here are possibilities that I see… What do you see? 
  • Have you thought of trying/saying it this way…? 
  • Would this be an alternative…? What do you see in it? 
  • That reminds me of… [range of possibilities] 
  • Would this work…? 
  • Here is something I/you/we could do with that … 


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