How deep does national identity discourse run?

What is the difference between patriotism and nationalism? This article explores the deeper discourse of identity that often seems undiscussable and remains undiscussed. "The elephant in the room" is a term used to describe something that though having enormous influence and importance goes unnoticed or is repressed and not dealt with.
Perhaps the case of the USA, discussed here is an powerful example of this inability to reflect, perceive, and discuss something that seems taboo, something too close for comfort. This is particularly interesting in the case of the USA, since the elephant in the room seems to be Trump-eting loudly the current political identity discourse. To me the article seems to be a call examine, not just the US situation, but the deep uncultural discourse that my lie at the heart of our identities in the various groups that we are part of.
Global citizenship education, if carried to its logical conclusion, would transform the theory and practice of international education, especially in the United States, and contribute in some small way to a more peaceful, just and equitable world. – Dr Mark Ashwill
A friendly reminder: the main purpose for diversophy® to compose these articles is to present to you contemporary cultural events/ phenomena/ concepts or our own stories/ experience reflections. diversophy® team believes in differences and that the world is not plainly black and white. We have encouraged and invited you to join us in this act of sharing, as every single piece of information we spread through our community here is a valuable "small" action, towards world peace and human connections. I put small between quotation marks there since there is no major change without first small steps. Even though the actions can be small, they are still little good things contributing to the big society. Dr. George Simons commonly also shared articles in similar forms on SIETAR-Europa LinkedIN (for you to check out for more useful food for thoughts).
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—Nghi Dang
Featured image is from Unspash photo source, photographer: João Silas


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