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Fostering access to education for refugee students,  asylum seekers and migrant children is important if we wish to shape a positive future.
Last week we introduced a tool focused on refugee and migrant learners and their families and how educational teams can best welcome and serve these individuals and families. This week we share with you a summary in the form of an “Infographic” to help you understand the main questions the tool deals with.

It is not enough to have a plan for the newly arrived students. All students need care to help adapt to a new situation.

With social inclusion and equity in mind, educators will need to develop a double thronged approach in their practice,
  • including marginalized and vulnerable children and youth who arrive with their individual social and educational needs,
  • supporting children and youth already in the schools, who will share their habitual environment with newcomers.
Key competences will be needed and developed within this approach to prepare all involved for coping with complex realities.
Whereas the tool itself is comprehensive, this summary will show you, ‘at-a-glance’, the path of reflection and the rationale that we follow to propose a course of action to teachers who wish to welcome refugee and migrant learners in their classrooms.
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We hope you have found this blog post useful, and of course, enjoyed it yourselves. We want to show special thanks to our earlier guest blogger, Vivian Chiona for asking permission for us to re-publish this article on our website.
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