diversophy® is a large collection of intercultural learning games for enhancing cultural competence.  It is generally played in small groups with a deck of cards. Participants take turns responding to 5 kinds of questions and challenges found on the cards and discuss their reactions with each other.

diversophy® games come in several formats:
— as a full game focused on a specific culture or cultural topic, each containing over 200 cards, providing ample material for a number of small groups to play and allowing the trainer to customize the choice of contents according to her or his learning objectives.
— as a mini-game, containing 100 cards. This format is  less expensive and more practical for fewer groups or smaller one-time learning events.

Samples of the cards are found in each  game description on this site.
If you don’t see precisely what you need, contact us:
— we also create games to order and customize existing games on request.
— diversophy® games can also be created pro bono to meet social challenges  and offer community services.

Our game collections

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