Migrant Acculturation


Migrant Acculturation


All games under development are not yet available for ordering, but our team welcomes any queries from via emails, or even your interest in cooperating with us to create cards. 

Fill in the contact form or send emails directly to below emails. Besides, don't forget to subscribe to our email list, we promise NO SPAM but useful information you might need. 

Our CEO, Dr. George Simons shared his thoughts of how diversophy® become partner with JAMK United for Refugees, to produce this new deck. Read more about our work so far on Facebook page of JAMK United for Refugees.

In our News section of Content Page, you can also have articles, videos and information regarding about the project. 

Stay tuned for more updates and our official product launch. Contact us nghi@diversophy.com or diversophy@gmail.com, if you wish to see our current sample cards.



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